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Deficit Mentality | The Mental Trap Many “Educated” Traders and Investors Fall Into That Can Cost You EVERYTHING!

At one time or another, you decided that you wanted to learn how to trade, and you probably researched the many trading schools charging thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for their education. And while we can appreciate and value education in trading and investing, the second you invest that kind of money…
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What’s The Deal With Penny Stocks?

I remember growing up as a child, my grandparents once took my Brother and me to a toy store for our birthdays. We both got twenty dollars to buy what we wanted and were so excited! I was trying to be smart and get a lot of toys for my $20; so I bought a…
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Big Picture Market Outlook in a Volatile Market!


Why We Trade Multiple Markets

Why we trade multiple markets One of the things that crossed my mind today is the fact that I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me about what happens if they can’t trade the stock markets? What happens if I just can’t trade the stock markets because maybe it’s moving down too fast and with…
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Trumping The News

I remember growing up as a kid playing a card game called Euchre. I loved that game; it was about playing with a partner and took a minimal amount of skill.  The thing everyone is looking for is to get the “trump” card. If you got the trump card it was the one that would…
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