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Frequently Asked Questions

Chuck Fulkerson and Corey Lane are the co-founders and senior traders at TradersArmy.com. They were both introduced to trading and investing around the same time, back in 2006. Since then, they've spent nearly every week trading together, learning together, building their skill and refining their trading strategy together. They've been teaching people how to trade and invest for over 10 years, and they're both internationally recognized, award winning instructors in the trading arena. They have collectively taught over 25,000 students, and believe that financial education and literacy should be something that EVERYONE needs to know, and should not be reserved for "wall street's elite".  Further more, they believe that the education and training should not break the bank or be a roadblock to your personal goals. You'll never meet more patient, passionate and committed instructors. You may quit on yourself, but they won't quit you as long as you don't.

While we do have a few trading sessions each week that are designed to trade around the US market open, many of us and our members will pre-plan our trades and set them up to execute even if we're not in front of the computer at that time. We will use specific order types and alerts to let us know when things are happening in the account, but many times, it's not necessary for you to be in front of the computer if you've set it up prior to leaving your trading desk.  Of course, if you want to be in front of the computer and be very hands on, there's no shortage of opportunity in the markets.

The short answer is, we can't guarantee your success.  Not all traders will achieve the same results, but that will depend on the level of risk they are willing to take as well as their discipline to stick to a proven system. We cannot place the trades in a subscribers account, and as such, results will vary.

In addition, there are many different ways to trade one thing.  For instance, we may identify a high probability trade in the S&P Futures market, but the risk in the trade may not be suitable for everyone. You can either choose not to take the trade, you could choose to trade the micro S&P contract which carries a very different risk:reward than the S&P mini contract.  You may choose to trade the options on the S&P Futures or maybe you just want to trade the SPY, which is the ETF that tracks the S&P.  or maybe, you prefer to trade the options on SPY. With so many variables, it's nearly impossible to achieve the same results as someone else.

Your level of success will be directly tied to the trading system you're using, and the level of discipline and consistency in which you follow the rules and guidelines of your personal trading plan.

The short answer is yes. However, that will also depend on your brokers’ restrictions. The only restriction legally on your IRA is the restriction of borrowing funds (using margin).  The use of margin is required in certain option positions, therefore there will be some restrictions when selling options.  but other than that, with the right broker, you can trade what you want, and how you want in all of your accounts.  If you have questions about what you can and can't trade in your accounts, it's best to contact your broker of choice, and they will help you with what they allow.

There are many quality brokers that specialize in stocks, options, futures, forex and crypto currency, but there are some brokers that can limit your options and abilities.  We do recommend that you properly investigate all brokers and make sure that there are no major restrictions on your trading in either your cash or margin accounts. If you want to trade using the same platforms as us, we suggest contacting us first, and let's talk about your goals, and available capital, and the asset class you'll be trading, and we can help guide you in your platform and broker selection.

We are a community that leans into each other for help, so please be sure to ask the question no matter how simple or advanced the question, we don't personally know the answer, we will commit to finding the answer together. As for how you ask your questions....we provide support by email, phone, text, and zoom.  Some questions you will have a quick and easy to answer by email or text.  Some require a phone conversation, and when necessary, we may ask you to log into a zoom session with us so we can screen share and talk through your questions. Here are our contact details:

Email Support: Support@TradersArmy.com

Text / Phone Support: 973-348-5022

Zoom support sessions will be scheduled on an as needed basis

We use both Stripe™ and PayPal™ payment system with maximum encryption so that your credit card and personal information are safe and secure. Payments will appear on your credit card statement as either Stripe™ or PayPal™ (depending on which method you chose to checkout with) *TradersArmy, LLC

Yes, everything we do is recorded for viewing at your convenience. We have broken down each key learning concept from our courses into easy to follow, on-demand video lessons. Also, you can watch the full recording of the live courses you've registered for at anytime. Lastly, every live trading and analysis session we host will be recorded and posted generally within 1 hour of the session ending.  All of the archived recordings are available 24/7 from any computer, tablet or mobile device, which makes learning at your own pace a truly viable solution.

Every live on-location class will also be streamed online simultaneously through zoom.  This way you can get the benefits of learning from a live instructor, but from the comfort of your home or office.  If you can't attend live at all, every session is recorded for viewing at your convenience.

This depends on what program or courses you are enrolled in. But to keep it simple, every course we offer allows you to take the class twice on-location if/when we offer it, plus, we include unlimited retakes of the class online with access to all of the archived recordings.  In other words, once you enroll in a class, it's yours to retake again and again, as many times as you need or want.

As a PRO Member, you will have access to all of the PRO Member resources for as long as you maintain your membership.

Each training solution is different for every person depending on their goals, time and capital. 

When enrolling in any of our courses, you have the option to enroll in them one at a time, as needed in your growth as a trader/investor.  However, many of our students choose to "bundle" courses and memberships to not only get the most comprehensive training solution, but also our bundled pricing offers better value than just enrolling in classes one at time. 

To find out more about enrolling in this course or a bundled solution, and discover which path may be best for for you, we suggest contacting us to set an appointment to speak with one of our Member Development Specialists.