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About Us


Name: TradersArmy
Approach: We utilize multiple asset classes to take advantage of multiple possible market directions and volatility environments.

Industry Group: Traders / Educators / Mentors
Key Statistics: Technical Analysts / Advanced Options and Volatility Strategists / All Asset Class Traders & Risk Managers


At TradersArmy, it is our mission, vision and passion to help individuals become more confident in their trading and investing decisions.  We believe that anyone should be able to accomplish this through personal discipline, persistance and guided education and mentorship. We aim to deliver the highest quality educational experience and personal guidance, PERIOD.

It is our number one priority to empower you and equip you with the knowledge and skill necessary to Live Life On Your Terms.

Trading and investing has the potential to allows us to spend our time on this planet living the life we choose to live, not the life we’re forced to live, doing the things we love to do with the people we love.

With over three decades of experience in the financial markets, the founders and senior traders at TradersArmy are accomplished traders, award winning and internationally recognized educators, mentors, and Hedge Fund Managers at MainStage Capital Group. We have come together to provide our students with unmatched, affordable and streamlined trading and investing education. 

If you truly want take control of your financial future, there is no better way to speed up your learning curve, than to get a glimpse into the minds of professional traders each day as they navigate trading and investing opportunities in the financial markets.

One of the key principles of becoming and maintaining financial independence is to immerse yourself in a mastermind group.  Together, there is strength in numbers, and to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals is key to any successful business.

6 days a week, our senior traders will meet in our LIVE Online Trading & Analysis Rooms, offering a unique opportunity to interact with professional traders in a group mentoring environment, taking your trading to the next level.  Since copying is how we learn to do pretty much everything in life, this provides the ability to do just that.

Whether you’re brand new to the financial markets or a seasoned investor, TradersArmy can help you streamline your education, optimize your trading, and maximize your performance!!!  Now let’s get trading!

Learn What It Takes to Trade and Invest With Confidence Using Our FusionVesting Approach