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Tag: Trading Indicators

The Skeleton Key to Success in Trading

Don’t we all want a skeleton key that can get us into any door, anywhere, anytime? What are those keys in any business, what are the keys that will open any door. Many years ago, my mentor pounded into my head the need for any investment to have these key elements, and in the right…
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Breakout Trades On Relative Strength

In this video, Chuck talks about a simple, yet effective way to join a strong bullish market when we’re not getting the pullbacks we may be looking for.   Enjoy!

Why We Love Our Stops

Sometimes having a stop loss hit can be frustrating but it’s the very same tool that will keep us in the game long-term. In this segment, we explain “why we love our stops”. Enjoy!

5 Possible Outcomes To Any Trade Or Investment

Everyone likes the big winners but those will never mean anything if we have big losers to go along with it. Here is a simple concept that can mean a lot to your trades and investments.  Enjoy!