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Reading vs. Doing

Of course, we need “knowledge” about any subject to have some level of confidence in what we’re trying to accomplish.  And, we can get knowledge from a lot of different places, books, DVD’s, school, the internet, other people, etc.  However, none of these resources will give you the “skill”.  Skill can only be developed from…
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Trading Books That Are Not Meant As Trading Books

In this video, Chuck talks about a couple of books that were not meant to be trading books but offer incredibly valuable tools and information regarding decision making.  And, as a trader/investor, the ability to make a decision quickly can be the difference between a very successful career in trading of someone missing the opportunity…
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Books for Traders | Technical Analysis Edition

“How to trade” books are very popular, especially some of the more scholarly ones regarding technical analysis.  Here is a review of three and what it really means for you.   Enjoy!

What Are Some Good Books To Read?

We’re always getting the question, “with the tens of thousands of trading books out there, which ones are a good read, if any?” In this video, Chuck talks about his first recommendation for books to read about trading and how the simplicity of price and volume combined with fair price value areas covered in this book can help…
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