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TOPSTEP® | Become a Funded Futures Trader

Become a Funded Futures Trader

Prove your trading style. Earn your Funded Account®

Imagine the potential…with TradersArmy’s Education and Guidance, combined with TOPSTEP’s Money!
And the best part is, there’s NO RISK to YOU!


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How It Works


Prove you can profit

Demonstrate that you have a winning strategy for the futures market.


Show you can manage risk

Establish consistency with your trading style to prove our capital is safe in your hands.


Earn a funded futures trading account

Folow the rules while hitting the profit target, and you’ll earn a Funded Account. Guaranteed!

Topstep founder Michael Patak started Topstep so that aspiring traders could learn the craft without making the
same expensive mistakes that nearly ruined him financially. Hear him explain why Topstep works.

Become a Funded Futures Trader.

Freedom To Choose Your Account Size

**Use the links and buttons found on this page & recieve 20% off your first month’s TopstepTrader fees.