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Below, you will find some highlights about the various memberships we offer.
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Before you start exploring our membership options and training courses, we suggest watching this short message from Chuck.

Free Membership  |  Details



Our “Daily Market Commentary (DMC)” is offered 4 days / week, including a LIVE online DMC every Wednesday. Each day we’ll offer an elevated level technical approach to the global financial markets, all delivered in high definition video. Each session will have actionable trading opportunities in up to 12 different futures markets with the commentary behind it to help increase your level of knowledge, skill and confidence. We’re laying down the basics and hitting you with advanced topics making you a more savvy investor.


Our Free Trading Video library ranges in a variety of topics for the beginner to the advanced. From our “Daily Market Commentary ”, offering a Top-Down Technical, Fundamental, and Volatility Analysis of the major financial markets, basic and advanced charting lessons to start really understanding price action, platform tutorials to help setup, navigate and execute inside your trading software, and even some options foundations to get you started. Many of these are lessons from our PRO Member ONDemand Curriculum.

PRO Membership  |  Details

$149/mo. billed monthly or $125/mo. if billed annually (a 16% savings)


Daily Market Commentary
Free Trading Videos
Trading Course Sample Library
Access to Special Online Events


3 times each week, we will conduct Live Trading Rooms with our senior traders. This will give you a chance to look over their shoulders as they build and execute trades. They will also have a list of educational trading opportunities for each session to follow along with as you learn. This is an opportunity to sit at the feet of some of the sharpest minds in trading education, and learn how they do what they do behind a trading screen. These sessions are designed to help build your confidence in your trading decisions.  In addition, every other week we will host an Open Forum for general Q&A with a senior trader, and continue our newest series we’re calling , “Options Deconstructed”.  Where we break down options trading to it’s simplest form in order help you better understand the world of option trading.


Time is Money. That is why you want access to all of your courses on your own schedule, when its convenient to you so you can watch them at home or on the go! Many traders and investors pay thousands of dollars for education upfront without knowing if they will actually use the classes. We will offer you high quality material that allows you to pay as you go. We have over 30 hours of On Demand content on topics like:      – Trading Foundations and Fundamentals
     – The Long and Short side of trading
     – Charting Fair Price Value areas
     – Options for leverage and income
     – Using options as a replacement for stock
     – Options as portfolio protection
     – Spread trading like a pro
     ……And many more!


As trades and opportunities come up from our Daily Market Commentary and our Live Trading Rooms we will update the results, including entries, stops, and targets on our Private Trade Feed. In addition to trades found in those live and onDemand environments, trades that we find throughout the day, with all the details pre-planned, will be added to our Trade Worksheet. This Private Trade Feed and Worksheet can be accessed directly on both the site and your mobile device. This will allow members to see how positions are managed from start to finish! And so you don’t have to watch your computer screen all day, waiting for an update, after an update is made or a new trade is added, we’ll immediately send out and email and push notification letting you know to check the updates details.

Additional Training  |  Details

LIVE On-Line and On-Site Training Options


Having a clearly defined purpose and a written business (trading) plan is where it all begins. Because without it, who knows where you’ll end up if you haven’t clearly defined where you want to go, why, and how you plan to get there. This class is offered online and walks a trader through the steps to create their own personalized trading plan. The trading plan that each trader designs will be unique to their own goals and styles, but all trading plans are an important part of a traders success. Once the plan is complete, a student may submit that plan for review by one of the senior traders to make sure that they are on the right track!


The TradersArmy mentor program takes you well beyond what could ever be acquired from reading books, attending hotel seminars, or scouring the internet for information and has proven to be the most instrumental part of all trading education for serious traders looking to further develop the skill and art of trading. The mentoring sessions are done 1:1 with one of our senior traders and done on a 90-minute basis, in an online webinar for a unique and fully interactive learning experience. Learn more about “why” mentoring.


This 3-4 day options course is for serious investors looking to enhance their results through the use of options. We hold the class both online and on-site. On-site seating is limited to twenty (20) seats. This hands-on course will start by building a foundation in the world of option trading with the ability to apply the strategies and concepts LIVE during the class. This is a course that will move fast while we roll up our sleeves and get to work! We will actively look for options trades for weekly and monthly income, design a passive income approach for the longer term investor and teach how to protect one’s life savings using options as an insurance policy. We’ll also spend time dissecting risk/reward profiles of various options trades to truly uncover what makes a high probability, low risk, high reward opportunity.

*You’ll need to bring your personal laptop to follow along.

**travel expenses are not included for on-site class.


Our “Active Trading” Intensive is designed for serious traders looking to enhance their results through the use of futures and simple options strategies as leveraged investing vehicles. We hold the class both online and on-site. On-site seating is limited to twenty (20) seats. This hands-on course will start by building a foundation in futures and options terminology, contract details and specifications, then quickly dive into how to succesfully trade them using specific rules for trade qualification and preplanning every aspect of the trade, in the following markets:

– Equity Index Futures
– Commodity, Energy and Metals Futures
– Currency (Forex) Futures
– Treasury Futures
– Stock, Index and Futures Options

*You’ll need to bring your personal laptop to follow along.
**travel expenses are not included for on-site class.


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  • “Daily Market Commentary” Videos
  • Fundamental Trading Lessons | Delivered in On-Demand Video and Written Content
Additional traininG

Live Trade Plan Class +
Personal Trade Plan Review  |  $150

Tactical Reinforcements Class | $299

1-on-1, 90 Minute Personal
Mentoring (online)  |  

Live “Options Trading” Intensive  |  $3,600

Live “Active Trading” Intensive  |  $3,600

“The Master Trader”
All Inclusive Training Solution 

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