Justin Krebs

As a former golf pro, Justin quickly recognized the similarties between golf and trading, particularly pertaining to the mental side of the game, stating “After you acquire a solid foundation, both skills rely on the 6 inches between your ears.”

Justin has been trading and teaching for over a decade. His style is simple and intuitive, and tries to convey what he knows by relating to his students and their experiences.

His approach to trading Forex and Futures is simple enough that beginners can readily adopt its style, and more experienced traders can achieve a greater understanding of advanced technical analysis.

Justin trades intraday and swing positions, intensely focusing on supply and demand depicted through support and resistance lines and price action.

His goal for each student is to have them leave the training with a fiery passion and a comprehensive understanding of trading.

“I have been fortunate to have people who have supported my dreams and have had faith in my ability to trade. Each of my students will have the same in me.”

In addition to working with TradersArmy, Justin has founded his own unique financial services company called The Proactive Investor which he hopes will help people and their finances in many different ways.