German Casas

German Casas is been trading the markets since 2009. He started his career with the forex markets and transitioned to futures and options shortly after. For the past three years he has successfully specialized in trading crypto currencies.

Additionally, German’s entrepreneurial spirit has manfinested in various ways, from creating companies to investing in real state. Today, he continues to invest while also dedicating himself to educating people in financial markets.

In his free time, German enjoys riding bikes, playing chess, watching football, the one that you actually play with your feet, taking on home improvement projects, and keeping his house family happy and healthy with daily green smoothies as the first meal of the day and weekly plates of tostones!

A native of Bogota, Colombia, currently lives in midtown Atlanta but looks forward to travelling as soon as the post-pandemic world lets him. He is the second of three siblings and enjoys spending time with his beautiful baby niece. He firmly believes in paying it forward and helping other including animals and nature.