Chuck Fulkerson

Following a successful career in the hospitality industry, Chuck Fulkerson was introduced to trading by following the guidance of other successful traders. He started trading options in 2006, as a swing and position trader, totally leaving his job in the hospitality industry to pursue trading knowledge full time in 2008.

Currently, Chuck trades options as a swing and position trader; futures and currencies as a day trader; and equities as an investor to round out a truly diversified trading portfolio.

Chuck has taught thousands of students what it means to be a successful trader over his nearly 11 years of professional training.

As a co-founder of, he is constantly professing the importance of asset class diversification and risk management in both short term income accounts, as well as long term wealth accounts.

With Chuck as your Instructor, you will not only get excellent instruction and energy, but the chance to learn from someone that started in the financial markets as a student, just like you.